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The Altekari
The Altekari
They were the Altekari. In the tongue of their time, this word meant “Altered.” Once human, young children, but sacrificed to become killers in the war that ravaged their homes. Magic coursed through their blood and infused their essence, but of this they knew nothing. They were created to feel naught but one thing – bloodlust.
The years have passed since their time. Whether they have passed from this world into the next or merely into the shadows, men know not. But the bards, the storytellers, they still sing of those children, of the cruel fate that was theirs to bear...

Empty eyes,
Cold as ice,
Wrought of brightest gold.
Ashen skin,
Hearts of stone,
Tainted blood of old.
Terror in their victims’ eyes,
Unregistered, unseen.
Pleas for mercy, helpless cries,
Silenced by blades keen.
Behold the offspring of your sin,
Born of senseless hate,
And by that all-consuming thirst,
Tethered to their fate.
Can you see those children’s eyes,
:iconamaryllishakatri:AmaryllisHakatri 0 5

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Hello all,

Not sure how many people who follow me still read these. It's been years since I've truly been active on dA. These days, I don't come on for months at a time.

I don't write much anymore. I think it's because I'm much happier now than I used to be. A great majority of my writing was the result of unhappiness, likely evident in its tone. I'm okay with this, though I do hope to write more some day.

I don't make as much art as I used to, but I still do a bit of painting. I paint Magic: The Gathering cards, mostly. The boyfriend got me into that. He is, by the way, amazing in every way and seems to only become more so as time goes on. (Three years now. Time flies.) I'm enjoying university and have made a lot of wonderful friends. Things aren't perfect, of course; there are still issues that I can't seem to resolve and aspects of myself that I do not like. Regardless, life is good.

I may still upload a bit here or there, possibly some of my paintings, but I expect very little activity otherwise. I suppose this is my goodbye to dA. I used to spend hours and hours on this website. I've met some very cool people and learned quite a bit. Many of my friends here have also become inactive as I have, but I cherish the memories with them.

To the people I know who are still active here--thank you. :) And if you want to contact me, let me know and I'll pm you my email. I'm active on themountainsaresinging.tumblr.… if you want to add me, but it's really mostly for saving images/recipes that I like.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hiya. Name's Jean.
I'm really bad with introducing and/or describing myself.

Why don't you just talk to me and all that jazz, instead? (:

I swear, I'm really not as insane as some of the stuff on my page or in my gallery may make me seem. I promise.


Current Residence: A small city in Southern Ontario.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium for t-shirts, small for hoodies and jackets.
Favourite genre of music: Classical, rock, swing


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